Whether they are intellectual properties, financial data, or customer records, information is vital for continued existence of today's organizations. Protecting these digital assets is a must for companies to compete in today's high tech world. Every year, companies everywhere lose hundreds of thousands of dollars due to a breach or unauthorized access to their data. Such alarming facts generate the demand for secured storage solutions. Features such as ease-of-use and portability that are normally associated with data storage solution have become insufficient. Security becomes the next step in external storage solutions. Security that doesn't sacrifice portability and ease-of-use.

BUSlink total data security solution provides a myriad of encrypted storage products to support the fight against unauthorized access to your data. CipherShield defines the standard for secured external hard drive with  real time encryption. It features a unique and easy-to-use "Lock-N-Secure" double file protecting system to provide the ultimate data protection for your confidential data.

     Some of the features of our CipherShield encrypted storage products:
  • Ease of Use: CipherKey-In, Real time encryption and data access; CipherKey-Out, Data shielded and drive inaccessible
  • Faster, and more secure than software encryption
  • No more memorizing of difficult passwords
  • No device drivers required
  • Operates transparently to the OS; does not require drivers
  • Hardware encryption is better than password/software-based encryption
  • Encryption is on the removable hardware key; can be removed and stored away to prevent unauthorized access
  • Available in 128-bit, 192-bit, and 256-bit NIST certified AES encryption

CipherShield encryption technology utilizes industry standard proven algorithms such as NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) certified AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) to securely protect your data from unauthorized disclosure or undetected modification during transmission or while in storage. CipherShield achieves highest security to its products by using hardware encryption that encrypt/decrypt the data bit-by-bit.

Using CipherShield, authorized users must have the key that was used to encrypt the data in order to decrypt it. The unique key chosen for use in a particular application makes the results of encrypting data using the algorithm unique. Hence, using a different key will not work. CipherShield technology is entirely independent of the computer operating system and it is fully compatible with all disk drive protocols. CipherShield technology will not decrease the performance of the computer system because it does not use any software or drivers to encrypt the data.

CipherShield Hard Drives come with two keys. For additional keys duplication, registration with CipherShield.com is required. CipherShield Drives are available in 2.5" and 3.5" sizes, and they are housed in a stackable metal alloy case that dissipates heat. All drives are pre-formatted for 100% quality control and convenience to the user.